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Now if that does mean jack to you, these are the reference specs a model normally has: Power, of course, is always a concern in today’s video cards where buyers have to make sure that their systems have enough power capacity and the right power connectors to support a new card. Company of Heroes Page 9: Join the conversation There are no comments about this story. Your investment has declined in value during the past year, but it hasn’t completely crashed with the introduction of the new GTX. The enhanced compression will help keep memory usage in check and help performance in high resolution, antialiased scenarios.

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XFX GeForce GTX Black Edition review – 3 – XFX GeForce GTX Black edition

Hey, only XFX can implement such a name for you. But the price gap between the GTX and its forebear is out xfx geforce 9800gtx all proportion to the slight difference in performance.

The Best PC Games. Given the similar internals, there’s no obvious reason for this disparity other than marketing. So where the xfx geforce 9800gtx models have a core, shader processor and memory frequency ofand MHz respectively the Black Edition runs a vast amount faster.

Lightsmark Page Otherwise, there are more economical or better-performing cards. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You’re Good to Go! Today’s tested product is no different. That way you will have three GPUs xfx geforce 9800gtx your games.


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The card supports Nvidia’s new xgx HybridPower feature that lets you switch between the card and onboard graphics, depending on the software application. Of course, when it comes to 3D gaming, any increase in frame rates xfx geforce 9800gtx welcome.

That’s like bacon on your eggs man. Prices will inevitably fall after launch, gefoce course, and it’s been hinted that there’s plenty of headroom for increased clock speeds, so expect future models xfx geforce 9800gtx offer better performance as well.

World in Conflict Page It has just 16 more stream processors against the GT’s and, while it runs faster internally, the margin isn’t huge: Then xfx geforce 9800gtx show you a thing or xfx geforce 9800gtx in our photo-shoot after which we’ll obviously fire off xffx hottest games of at the card to see if it can deliver what it’s supposed to.

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From the model number you xfx geforce 9800gtx expect this card to set a new standard in performance as did the GTX, which this new card replacesbut the reality is a little more mundane. Each processor 9800gts is capable of being dynamically allocated to vertex, pixel, and geometry operations for the utmost efficiency in GPU resource allocation, and maximum flexibility in load balancing shader programs. The new card also includes a xfx geforce 9800gtx plastic exterior that hides the internal printed circuit board.

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How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. XFX have a “way” of communication and getting attention.

XFX and Palit GeForce GTX Video Cards – Legit ReviewsNVIDIA Introduces The GeForce GTX

You are now subscribed. The 7-pin connector can output S-Video natively and component using an xfx geforce 9800gtx cable adapter. It isn’t fxx slow card by any means, but anyone expecting something groundbreaking will be disappointed.

Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! The Windows Vista framerate performance tax strikes again.


New video xfx geforce 9800gtx releases are bittersweet events for PC enthusiasts. Power, of course, is always a concern in today’s video cards where buyers have to make sure that their systems have enough power capacity and the right power connectors to support a new card. It’s a powerful GPU, but technologically it’s no longer particularly new or interesting. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.