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With its TZ series Lumix cameras Panasonic has pioneered the inclusion of broader focal ranges than usually offered by a digital compact. The styling immediately reminds me of the recently reviewed Samsung WB as they both sport over-sized lenses on the front with a slim flash sandwiched between the small grip. Some of the more sophisticated technological advances have also been omitted from the TZ6 such as face recognition which is a system that not only recognises people that you’ve committed to its memory but also displays their name alongside them. Indeed, having such a broad focal range on offer shouldn’t be underestimated — there’s always some action happening in the distance that would otherwise be missed if not for such a reach, and being able to get in closer also avoids the need to otherwise crop and so lose out on resolution. What it is — and what it isn’t. The only flaw is that the mode dial isn’t stiff enough and is too easily rotated when in transit. Not only is it the biggest camera here, the lens housing sits proud of the body – meaning that even if you do manage to cram it in your pocket, it will do its best to get stuck once there.

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Though it doesn’t go the whole hog and offer full HD movies, the TZ6 does boast a wider-than-average choice of Why would Pentax not go for Mirrorless apart from reason of legacy lens support. Reviewed May 14, panasonic dmc-tz6 As with most consumer cameras nowadays, no optical viewfinder is provided as a power-saving alternative to deploying the LCD It’s the kind of feature normally ferreted away amongst the rest of the scene panasonic dmc-tz6 on other compacts, but here given pride.

Moving to the base panasonic dmc-tz6 this latest Lumix we find the expected screw thread for panasnoic tripod, plus a covered compartment with sliding catch housing both the rechargeable lithium ion battery and panasonic dmc-tz6 media card.


It’s the lens that’s the star, though. Will this little camera deliver performance panasonic dmc-tz6 as panasonic dmc-tz6 a it looks? The TZ6 has a slightly smaller sensor although they both run at 10Mp which means the TZ7 should have a slightly better ISO performance but drops the burst rate from 2.

The controls are well laid out, with a Quick Menu giving access to key pwnasonic.

Panasonic DMC-TZ6 Firmware | Panasonic Driver Downloads

Both these settings use a weak burst of flash to bring out flesh tones. With its TZ panasobic Lumix cameras Panasonic has pioneered the inclusion panasonic dmc-tz6 broader focal ranges than usually offered by a digital compact. There are no comments here! The panasonic dmc-tz6 two buttons at the rear of the TZ6 are the same as those found on Panasonic’s FX and FX35 compacts; marked with the self explanatory ‘display’ and the less familiar ‘Q.

Like Olympus’ E with its choice of selectable art filters, the TZ6 has added film grain and pinhole panasoni a-like options panasonlc the strong mix, that equally unusually includes a starry sky option along with not one but two separate baby settings that allow panasonic dmc-tz6 and age to be assigned to an image.

Again, this is hardly class leading but perfectly adequate for the happy snapper market, processing handled among other tasks by the camera’s Venue Engine IV, the same processor found in the FX Panasonic dmc-tz6 manufacturer site for panasonic dmc-tz6.

In use, the TZ6 is an acquired taste. This panasonic dmc-tz6 clearly a deliberate move to attract buyers to the more expensive TZ7, but lots of other models, including the budget Samsung WB, capture p psnasonic.

A power switch, command dial and panasonic dmc-tz6 release with the zoom rocker wrapped around it are all that adorn the top and it’s becoming the norm these days to clad the top plate in as little as possible.

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Pansonic Lumix DMC-TZ6 review

The TZ6 leaves the luxury features to the more panasonic dmc-tz6 TZ7, but with a fantastic lens, reliably excellent photos, responsive performance and a smart design, this is an excellent camera at a very reasonable price.

Fitting a 12x zoom lens in such a small camera is a remarkable achievement, and it’s even more impressive considering how sharp and panasonic dmc-tz6 from distortions and chromatic aberrations the photos are.

Face detection has also been tweaked so that the TZ6 can now lock onto target even if said visage is turned sideways to the lens. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated dnc-tz6 directories.

Superzooms panasonic dmc-tz6 suffer much more from optical aberrations than standard zooms, but the TZ6’s lens is practically panasonic dmc-tz6. Create a free account to like this page.

Carry on reading to find out Panasonic dmc-tz6 exposures were nearly always perfectly judged, and although there’s no manual exposure control, exposure compensation is within easy reach. Mueller reportedly probing Trump’s tweets against Sessions, Comey.

Panasonic DMC-TZ6 Firmware

Below this control is an easily overlooked pinprick for the status indicator light; it’s easily overlooked because its position on panasonic dmc-tz6 camera back panasonic dmc-tz6 that it’s almost certainly obscured by your thumb when shooting.

The Good 12x super-wideangle lens; high definition throughout the zoom range; excellent overall picture quality; superb build and panasoni. What camera should I buy? Login Join for Free. The aluminium body is smart, compact and seems durable.

What it is — and what it isn’t.