I installed the hefty Thermalright XP without any issues. Here are a couple pages of gaming benchmarks. HT frequency can be set from 1x to 5x multiple of the CPU frequency. The DIMM slots are color-coded for easy installation. I would have liked to see one or two more fan headers on this board.

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Nf4uk8aa 8ekrs only have one nForce4 motherboard in my hands right now, so that leaves me comparing it to an nForce system.

The on-chip firewall definitely adds nf4uk8aa 8ekrs to the nf4ik8aa Ultra package. Windows 98 System Files 1, I tested out some music MP3s and jf4uk8aa while paying particular attention to the sound quality with both the analog and digital outputs. As I mentioned a few pages back, I fit nf4uk8aa 8ekrs chunky Thermalright XP on there without any problems whatsoever.

Whatever the case may be, the numbers are really close, with the nForce3 system pulling out only by a fraction in some cases.

The Network Access Manager is a cool, local web site that gives you the power to administer and manage your firewall. This feature first showed up in the nForce3 chipset, nf4uk8aa 8ekrs it has been very popular ever since.

Agere’s FW chip nf4uk8aa 8ekrs Firewire support. It is nice to see a little space between each DIMM slot to allow for memory modules with heatsinks to fit and still have a gap for airflow.


One thing I really did like about the layout of nf4uk8aa 8ekrs board is the ample clearance around the CPU socket. It is of course a socket board that supports Athlon 64 and 64 FX processors.

nf4uk8aa 8ekrs I played some Far Cry 8kers Half-Life 2, and the onboard sound did well via the analog and nf4uk8aa 8ekrs outputs. I would love to see just how well this Foxconn board and nForce4 Ultra platform could perform with nf4uk8aa 8ekrs high end Athlon Let me know what you think one nfuk8aa or another, or let us know in our forums.

The PCIe slots are color coded, though it is quite easy to see which are the 1x and which is the primary 16x for video.

Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS Specs – CNET

As you can see in the shots, Foxconn includes nf4uk8aa 8ekrs good options for overclocking and tweaking, but the biggest missing option is the multiplier. SiSoftware Sandra Lite x Depending on the video card used, you may or may not need to plug power into this socket. CPU voltage goes nf4uk8aa 8ekrs the way up to 1.

Jason Rabel Price Grabber Search: Plus, I think most of our readers are interested in gaming nf4uk8aa 8ekrs as their first priority. February 15, Reviewed By: Ultimate Boot CD 5.

Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS manuals

My speaker system is the popular and powerful Logitech Z 5. The nf4uk8aa 8ekrs, from nf4uk8aa 8ekrs 8emrs to jazz to classical, sounded really good. Prime95 nf4yk8aa – Once again, the performance is very close. The nForce4 chip has a small HSF on it, keeping temperatures in check.

Recent Drivers  SAMSUNG 971P DRIVERS

I think this means that what the nForce3 system lacks in nf4uk8aa 8ekrs power compared to the nForce4 is made up for by CPU power and vice versa.

With all motherboard reviews, I at least do a couple simple file system tests just to be sure that the board performs up to expectations. Nf4uk8aa 8ekrs Sysmark Page 8: You can tell the company is trying to appeal to enthusiasts with tweaking and overclocking options in the BIOS.

Some other chips on the motherboard are the Realtek ALC audio codec, providing 8 channel audio. ZoneAlarm users should feel comfortable replacing ZA with this highly nf4uk8aa 8ekrs firewall. The two test systems perform very nf4uk8aa 8ekrs throughout all the benchmarks.

On the other hand, the nForce4 system will soundly trounce the nForce3 system in memory benchmarks thanks to its superior dual-channel memory controller.