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In case you have a new kernel, the folder is useless and U have to do it all over again: Kernel team bugs This receiver works really well on my Vista pc using the outside TV ariel. Still the same in 2. Click to checkout or to view or amend items. Maybe somebody recognizes the actual problem. Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara on

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You definetly ONLY need that firmware, which i told you where to get. If I did make install, I had lost the support for the webcam uvcvideo. USB disconnect, address 62 [ Just follow the instructions there. It should offer jini an option ” to download and install the firmware for DVB-T hardware. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

MSI DigiVox mini II – LinuxTVWiki

I had to reboot with the earlier kernel to compile and install. Basically they are selling a completely different device but don’t bother to change the name on the box.

Ha, still Xserver detects it as a Keyboard, but its working. Remove the affw, maybe its for the wrong model of Digivox mini II.


And I really have to thank U, because the way I did it, I always had to pick the modules needed by dvb-usb-af The difference in dmesg is: My kernel is linux Do I really have to have the stick unplugged while installing and plug it only when the installation is finished? You can delete the folder in your home directory but it can be useful as long as you don’t make a kernel update.

MSI DigiVOX mini II USB 2.0 DVB-T Receiver

First check if dlgivox stick really needs this module and not another. You just have to change the Makefile to include the appropriate kernel version and then run I think some developer should take a look at this. I forgot to “cd af” in step 4. Everything seems to be fine, no dmesg errors when I plug it in and the dvb-usb-af module is also loading smooth.

Still the same in 2. There now seems to be some support for the RTL version.

Re: [linux-dvb] MSI DigiVOX mini II v

The software installed ok first time with no problems. The device we are talking about should be visible with “lsusb” like “Device This device uses a chipset that, as of date, is fairly new and is not merged in the standard 2. It is probably not applicable to any kernel up to 3.


I also noticed when I plug in the stick dmesgthat the firmware needed is dvb-usb-af Should work the way i told you. To post a comment you must log in. Got it, reinstalled Intrepid, installed mercurial and me-tv via synaptic, v4l-dvb and af via hg clone and put firmware in right place.

User-Friendly interface with powerful functions. If this is succesful you should get something like this on sudo lsmod grep af When that’s finished running simply remove the stick from ji USB port for a second and then replace it. USB disconnect, address 9 [ The weird thing is, that it works sometimes and it worked perfectly with Hardy.