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In terms of size, the S5 fits into any pocket with ease. One thing that Kyocera does have a handle on is purple fringing — there really isn’t any to speak of. The Finecam MR has an excellent movie mode. Best Digital Cameras for Aside from the Setup menu, the only two-page menu is under the Manual settings option, but it’s fairly straightforward as well. Want a few more opinions?

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Kyocera Finecam L3V

When the camera is in manual focus mode, the focus brackets disappear and a tiny focusing scale appears along the bottom of the display. The zoom and scroll feature my term allows you to zoom in as much as 8X in 2X fihecam into your photo, and then scroll around.

This mode lets you review captured images on the memory card, as well as erase them, write-protect them, or set them up for printing on a DPOF device. Exposure and dynamic range were also pretty good. Though exposure control is mainly automatic, the camera does offer a limited number of manual settings for you to play around with. The actual amount of recording time will depend on the available memory card space, and you can choose between 15 or 30 frames per second.

Remember although, that digital zoom often decreases the overall image quality because it simply enlarges the center pixels of the CCD image, and shouldn’t be relied on for sharp details and high image quality.

Kyocera Finecam S3 Review

A surprising number of “lost” images can be recovered with an inexpensive, easy to use piece of software though. The S5’s front panel is reasonably smooth with the lens retracted, leaving just a small protrusion around the outside ring of the lens barrel.


However, the camera comes with a small pad which can be attached to the wrist strap, for wiping away any accidental smudges. The Finecam S5 features a Kyocera 3X optical zoom lens, with a focal range of 7. Shutter lag is noticeable but not terrible. The MR starts up kyocsra, taking about 1. The quick start and simple instruction manuals refer to a Finecam MR, which never shipped here in the States, while the supplementary version is two pages describing the differences between that model and the MR that’s in the box.

The currently active focus area is shown in the middle of the display by a pair of brackets. Tinecam the right of that is the zoom controller.

Kyocera Yashica are quite proud of the S3, it’s the smallest yes, it’s kyofera small three megapixel digital camera, indeed it’s quite a bit smaller than most ultra-compact 2 megapixel digital cameras. Enough numbers — let’s start our tour of this camera now!

Kyocera Finecam S5R review: Kyocera Finecam S5R – CNET

I highly recommend picking up a larger memory card, given the S5’s 2, x 1,pixel maximum resolution setting, as SD cards are readily available in capacities as large as MB these days with 1GB capacities announced but not yet shipping. Zeiss shows hands-on footage of its ZX1 camera with Lightroom integration. I fineecam know about others, but IE 5. I also like the ability to delete a group of photos, instead of just one or all of them.

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SD Card Release Lever: No word on how any shots lyocera get using rechargeables on the MR but it will probably be at least twice as many. This is one fast camera. Simon Joinson was DPReview’s second general manager, during a time when the kykcera underwent enormous changes, not least our relocation to the U.

Digital Cameras – Kyocera Finecam S5 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

You compose your shots on the 1. A set of LED lamps next to the optical viewfinder eyepiece report camera status, such as when focus and exposure are set, the battery is charging, or the flash is charging.

A Four-Way Arrow pad with central Enter button is in the lower right corner, with the Menu button and speaker just above it.

Due to my limited resources, please do not e-mail me asking for a personal recommendation. On the left side, which swivels forward and backward, are the lens, flash, self-timer LED, and flash sensor. Fibecam fingers will still fumble over the control keys, particularly the four-way cursor pad.

With the instruction manual in-hand, I’d estimate that half- to three-quarters of an hour would leave most users fairly comfortable with the camera. Menu options in this mode include:. The MR has an F2. Compare These Fujifilm XF.