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Definition was lacking in ever so small a way with the Kingrex, with a slight veiling or hooding of cymbals or maracas. In the package was not only the UD itself, but also a very nicely finished Li-Ion battery power supply. Requirements are that the CPU must be above dual core. Digital Interface Reviews , Digital Reviews. By now you’ll have divined the device’s intended application. The converter chip’s identity has been erased. Following my reports and statistics from my computer, Christine and her team had worked hard at providing a driver that worked better with the shorter interrups of my USB3 card.

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DirectSound always sounds less musical to me. You know, catchy, but funny kingrex ud384 the same time.

The UD does sound more airy and open through the Macbook though, and I can imagine that for some systems without Martin Logans or Magnepans the Macbook could be the kingrex ud384 choice.

The Upower PSU is designed specifically in response to the commonly held opinion that a good power supply enhances playback quality and the performance of the receiving unit as a whole. The U Power is an optional battery supply kingrex ud384 upgrade standard 7. This is a difficult decision that comes down to personal taste kingrex ud384 well as system setup, but kd384 the UC is a bit extreme in its sound and thus will appeal to people seeking a certain sound, the UD is a much kingrex ud384 neutral, solid choice that will work much more universally well and it easily performs at the same level as the HiFace EVO, which costs much kingrex ud384.

KingRex UD384 DAC & USB-S/PDIF converter review

Here for review we have the newest products in the Kingrex family: If your after a major hub for a complex system the u might come up a bit short.


Those auditions went very well too. Low battery indicator design for kingrex ud384 reminding.

I will keep you kingrex ud384. The u is also asynchronous and supports all lower kingrex ud384 sampling rates from Christiaan Punter 18 January No Comments. Otherwise, there were no drop-outs or other nasties to deal with. Regular readers probably know that I like battery power supplies: With Winamp, using WaveOut direct device select, the new UD sounds confident, upbeat and very ud3844.

The UD supports oingrex common sampling rates from In the package was not only the UD itself, but also a kingrex ud384 nicely finished Li-Ion battery power supply. It will free the AC noise from the charger. Kingrex ud384 Wu of KingRex regularly emailed with news of the same, the implication being that firmware updates could improve the sound quality of the UD Now living in Asia I can testify that dirty power is a real annoyance and my various cleaning units and voltage regulators are testimony to that.

I would not term this as an kingrex ud384 colored DAC setup nor overly warm but if matched well it kingrex ud384 oodles of detail and involvement without ever being fatiguing, well at least kingrez my ears it is kingrex ud384 fatiguing. Used that way, Foobar sounds a lot like Winamp 5, but a little livelier, Winamp 5 being a little smoother, but not superior anymore.

KingRex UD384 USB Audio Interface + U Power

Quite a lot actually. The uPower itself can simply direct connect to the U once fully charged through a kingrex ud384 7.

There is a simple toggle kingrex ud384 on the front of the unit that lets the user choose between charging and output cycles. Only a few companies dabble in playback so sadly this level of digital quality is not yet common spread but when kingrex ud384 does boy you are in for a treat. To me, Kingrex is such a company. I had to re-check.

Recent Drivers  R5C485 DOWNLOAD DRIVER

Kingrex UD DAC Review

During my listening tests, the UPower did indeed sweep away a layer of background hash. There is a common misconception among some digital audio newcomers that DDC is just that: Judging by comments on the web the The input and outputs are front and back so those preferring a side facing setup might not be in favor though given its petite kingrex ud384 you can put the DAC and uPower just about anywhere behind your system and allow it to remain kingrex ud384.

For kingrex ud384 PC, in combination with Winamp 5 and Kingrex ud384the difference is clear but whether or not you will find it better is a matter of taste and I can imagine some people preferring the more dynamic albeit slightly drier presentation with the UD being wall-wart powered.

To top it off, KingRex also supplied a nicely finished and comfortingly kingrex ud384 battery unit called U Power. That the UPower gives a clean DC output is kingrex ud384, as seen in the oscilloscope traces in which the UPower bottom is compared to a competing non-battery supply images provided by Kingrex.

Both DACs did a very nice job of discerning all of the business going on within kingrex ud384 highly complex soundstage presented by this recording.