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If you wanted to find out what adjustment to make based on ratio increases, or reverse the equation to find out what ratio you are running at for each lane: Sorry for digging this out, but I have a few questions regarding this topic. Allows you to introduce a delay to the individual RAM slots to address timing issues. The auto setting code is broken, as it only sets one lane lane 1 to an arbitrary amount taken from a chart. Essentially it sets where the noise margin is for a particular signal. Intel releases 4-series chipsets. While this board does not have onboard graphics, it does offer one of the latest performance based chipsets from Intel, the impressive P

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Holiday Buyers Guide, Part I: CPUs, GPUs, Mobos, and RAM

To be more precise bios Ref0 0. This thread is five years old. Inte settings below also apply to Intel’s X38 and X48 chipsets, and in some form even date back several generations. Boot to Windows and don’t freeze on the desktop without load within a few seconds.

Will you be overclocking a P45 mobo? READ THIS! |

Home Help Search Login Register. It’s the whole point of why there is a GTL setting in the first place. But I’m not going to try and test the limits because I like my hardware in a working state.

It is not certain until checked with a multimeter but I all does seem to be logical We also have a look at the company’s new feature packed P5Q3 Deluxe WiFi-AP n to see what’s hot, what’s green and if it’s potentially worth the upgrade. If you’re going to overclock, you first must understand the nomenclature that applies to your processor and motherboard chipset’s architecture.

Recent Drivers  1456UC DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7

Guessing from this statement: Still based on the Intel P35 chipset and more expensive than the abit IPPro, this board is worth the money for users who have to extract every possible ounce of performance from a CPU. Sorry noob asking, is there GTL setting in chipset P55?

Likely between 5 to 20 mV.

The board lacks a few key voltages for an extreme overclocking board but it has a class-leading feature set, very good layout, and overclocks DDR3 Micron based modules like a demon. Holiday Buyers Guide, Part I: Overall, quad-core CPU overclocking is a little short compared to the Intel chipsets, and the chipset is having a tough time with Yorkfield at this point.

Used in conjunction with the Ai Overclock Tuner, this setting determines how aggressive the board will attempt to run your memory’s latency timings.

Sorry for digging this out, but I have a few questions regarding this topic. Most people who posted here aren’t even active anymore. We have not had any real component compatibility problems and the motherboard works well with non-Micron based memory.

Over MHZ 1.

Please open your own. This is a bit difficult, but that is why they gave us the ability to adjust each lane. Foxconn made a decision to offer a board that features support for both DDR2 and DDR3 while offering a feature set targeting the gamer and multimedia user.


Always proceed with caution when increasing voltages in your BIOS. Continue this process in 5 or 10 mV increments until you become “stable” on all four cores. You can calculate some of it, like the GTLs, but throwing all the elements in a pot will still require a considerable degree of discovery. Running cooler and at a lower voltage is of coarse highly desirable and it is unfortunate that we cannot make negative adjustments like other motherboards.

Both of you have made excellent posts here and on the extremesystems. Please login or register. Some let set lanes individually, all at once, motherboaard in pairs.

Only an oscilloscope would tell you if the nominal ratio for different signals should vary, but this testing method compensates for that. GTLREF voltages are supplied to the microprocessor on completely different lanes than the signal they are a reference for filtering, the voltage it self is not a signal and is constant. So I increased the VTT beginning from the lowest value to make it to the desktop.