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However, as you can see, there is still room for much improvement. Fortunately, faster LightScribe media is on the way that should gsa d the amount of time it takes to print a label by almost half. Like many, the performance of first generation LightScribe drives left me wanting more. PowerProducer lets you create a number of different movie discs. LG’s new external “Super-Multi” drive is a step in the right direction. The drive writes at this speed until about the 40 minute mark.

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These discs did not seem to be supported by the GSAD as the writing speed was limited to only 4x. For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: Gsa 2166d media types, along gsa 2166d the average time 2166f took the drive to write our 4.

GSA-2166D Support

The rear of the GSAD is pretty straight forward. Keep reading to find 2166e. PowerProducer also allows you gsa 2166d set chapters within the video content and add your own custom menus, backgrounds, fonts and titles.

It wrote to most of our test media at its rated speeds. Nero Express 6 – With Nero Express, Nero has taken the features and performance people have gsa 2166d to expect from Nero Burning Rom gsa 2166d combined them with a user friendly interface.


LightScribe can use the gsaa laser to etch text or graphics to the disk surface. The drive read pressed and CD-R media at speeds gsa 2166d high as 48x and had some very good seek times. After making sure that the drive was recognized correctly in the Device Manager, I was ready to start installing the software. By looking at the screenshot you can see gsa 2166d the drive starts reading at about 3. The drive gsa 2166d LG sent us for this review was manufactured in July of and had firmware version 1.

Nevertheless, the drive’s seek times were very good. Starting from the left, you can see its USB 2. Nevertheless, the drive was fairly quick when reading DVD’s. The Movie gsa 2166d Star Wars: For most people, the “Quick Set-Up Guide” will be all they’ll need to get the drive up and running. While CPU, memory, OS and other gsa 2166d don’t often make a huge difference, there are some nonetheless.

By looking at the KProbe screenshots, you can see that the discs burned by the drive had a low number of C1 errors and there were no C2 errors at all. It actually extracts each track twice and then compares them to check for any errors.

You’re also going gsa 2166d get different results for single and dual layer discs. By looking at the screenshot, you can see that the drive considered only Edubirdie this website already helped 30 thousands people to download their drivers for free. With Fuji’s 48x media, the drive started gsa 2166d at about In our tests, it reached a maximum speed of only 8x when reading both single and dual layer discs.


The GSAD’s writing quality was very good. I used 12x rated Memorex Gold 74 minute media for the tests. For this test I used a pressed CD containing one Mode 1 data track. gsa 2166d

Written by Karr Wang, this utility can be used to test the number of C1 and C2 errors on a disc. Gsa 2166d results are below. Fortunately, faster LightScribe media is on the way that should gsa d the amount gsa 2166d time it takes to print a label by almost half.


While rated at 48x, LG’s new drive came up a little short of this number in our tests. While this would normally be a winning combination, things like writing quality kept it from getting top marks gsa 2166d our review.

I had no problem with it.