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If you’re on the fence about putting one of these kits together, I’d highly recommend it. I had high expectations for this little board and it delivers fairly well. That may be one reason for a general lack of documentation. Click on a column to listen in. This kit can be built and reliably tested using nothing more than a common multimeter. With the current design, the following options require low-pass filtering in order to reduce the second and higher order harmonics for the following options to at least 43 dB below that of the fundamental first-mentioned band assuming you want to operate in that band:

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Building the Softrock Ensemble RXTX

The kit, therefore, is not compatible with the Mobo series of add-ons, since they enseemble upon the plug and socket arrangements of the RXTX V6. The sound card in my desktop machine does a great job. Using approximately 6 inches of 30 wire, wind 3 turnsbifilar, on a BN ferrite.

Soldering deficiencies account for 80 percent of the problems surfaced in troubleshooting. Another welcome change from the earlier models is that all connections to the rxtz world are handled via on-board jacks provided with the kit.

Ensemble RXTX Builders’ Notes

Little did I know, the software setup for this board would be one of the most difficult software setups I’ve ever encountered.

To aid the builder throughout the build, the bill of materials will be ensemnle in several different ways:.

In removing the transformer, I damaged the board enough where one of the metal rings lining one of the solder points was accidentally ripped out. The kit comes in five versions, corresponding to five “super-bands”: This is the wrap-up stage, where we connect the rig to the outside world PC SDR program and soundcardantenna, and paddles and actually put the transceiver through it paces.

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I understand there are a lot of variables in these setups including various sound cards and even the way the boards are built. In essence, SDR allows you to “see” a wide band of spectrum all at once. Inductance of the single winding usually the primary is 4. The I and Q signals at the line-out are in quadrature identical in all respects save phase and appear at stereo jack J3.

These documents contain band-specific Bill of Materials listings for each version in addition to the Bill of Materials for the parts of the radio that are not band-specific. This is documented by Guenael Jouchet in the following Youtube segment: That makes writing documentation difficult and I wish I had taken notes along the way for the benefit of others.

Inductance of the single winding usually ensembble primary is 0. This will make troubleshooting via the reflector much easier, since you will be communicating with the experts using a standard testing and measurement regime.

You have successfully built and unit tested your Ensemble SDR transceiver for the chosen “super-band”. External Connections Introduction General Congratulations! The Ensemble is a software rxhx radio. Using 5 inches of 30 wire, wind 5 turns on the ferrite in the same direction as the primary winding.

Being a UX guy it typically doesn’t take me long to figure things out when it comes to software.

SoftRock RXTX Ensemble Transceiver Kit

Transmitting As difficult as the setup was for receiving, I still haven’t figured out the proper configuration for transmitting. The output of the local oscillator is fed to the dividers stagewhere the signal is divided by 4, yielding two signals which are identical except that they are 90 degrees out of phase with each other – i.


I don’t have the knowledge to know if it’s hardware related or software related. This video provides some excellent hints at soldering and de-soldering SMT components: You could run that eensemble and print it out for use during the actual build of the stage.

As a convenience, should you like to use it, there is a page that provides a very abbreviated list of build notes for each stagealong with the relevant topside and bottomside board layouts. That may be one reason for a general lack of documentation.

WB5RVZ – Home Page

If the builder has concerns about his measurements, he should by all means pose those concerns as a query in the Softrock reflector so the experts can provide assistance. Building the kit This was the most complex solder project I’ve taken on rxtz I have the errors to show for it. Measure twice, cut once. If you’re on the fence about putting one of these kits together, I’d highly recommend it. Get in the habit of checking the header on each page to be sure your endemble selection is still in effect.

That includes both tuning and processing of received signals.